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Title: Geosuite 1996

Series title: Census of Canada, 1996

Principal investigator(s): Statistics Canada. Geography Division

Producer: Ottawa, Ont.: Statistics Canada. Geography Division (92F0085XCB)

Date of creation: 1999-05-13

Funding agency:


Distributor: Ottawa, Ont.: Statistics Canada. Data Liberation Initiative

Date of distribution: 1999-09

Access conditions/restrictions: University of Toronto faculty, students and staff, for academic research and teaching. See DLI licence.

Summary: GeoSuite is a search tool based on 1996 Census geographic reference information, and includes population and dwelling count data for all standard geographic areas. It includes 1996 population counts, 1996 dwelling counts, land area (except for federal electoral districts and enumeration areas), geographic codes, names, and in some cases, 1991 population counts) both final and adjusted) for growth calculations.

GeoSuite also provides access to


Geographic coverage:

  • Canada
  • provinces and territories (PR)
  • economic regions (ER)
  • census divisions (CD)
  • census consolidated subdivisions (CCS)
  • census subdivisions (CSD)
  • designated places (DPL), (the CSD part of DPLs)
  • federal electoral districts (FED)(1987 Representation Order)
  • census metropolitan areas/census agglomerations (CMA/CA)
  • primary census metropolitan areas/primary census agglomerations (PCMA/PCA)
  • census tracts (CT)
  • urban areas (UA)
  • enumeration areas (EA)

Time period:


Date(s) of collection: 1996-05-14


Data type: reference


Unit of observation: enumeration area

Mode of data collection:

Extent of file: 230 physical files (logical records varies) including accompanying documentation

Citation: Statistics Canada. Geosuite [computer file]. Ottawa, Ont.: Statistics Canada. Geography Division [producer]; Statistics Canada. Data Liberation Initiative [distributor], May 1999 (92F0085XCB)


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